We Cupcakes

Who We Are

Sugarpie is Nairobi’s first cupcake shop. We started it because we wanted to make something really yummy and share it!

Our Ethos

We believe that work should be fun and people should do what they love. We love to bake and we love to eat and we love good food. We’re excited to share that love with our customers.

We believe in the importance of women’s education and access to opportunities, which is why we hire young women who haven’t had access to schooling and provide them with the training and skills to build long-term professional careers. 10% of Sugarpie profits go to a scholarship fund for our team enabling them to pursue schooling in a field of their choice.

We believe that through job creation in the low-skilled market we can generate immediate and sustainable social impact in Kenya, where unemployment is a staggering 40%. Providing access to education and professional development will empower our team with the tools and opportunities to radically improve their lives.

Sugarpie cupcakes don't just make us happy because they're indulgent, decadent, delicious packages of yummy goodness, they're helping our team of young, ambitious women to build brighter futures.