Today's Flavors

*Flavor of the Week: Coconut + Mango Frosting

Light coconut cake topped with a bright, fresh mango frosting

Banana chocolate chip + peanut buttercream

Banana cake with oozey chocolate chips and a creamy peanut buttercream

Blackforest + Strawberry Filling

Our take on a black forest cake! Chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with vanilla cream

Carrot + cream cheese frosting [Gluten-Free]

Soft, spiced carrot cake with our tangy cream cheese frosting *gluten free*

Coconut + dark chocolate buttercream

Moist coconut cake topped with rich Belgian chocolate buttercream

Dark chocolate + mocha buttercream

Belgian chocolate cake and mocha buttercream with hints of Kenyan highland coffee

Gingerbread + Salted Caramel Frosting

Rich, moist, spicy gingerbread cake topped with a sweet, salty caramel buttercream

Lavender + acacia honey buttercream

Light lavender cake with rich Kenyan acacia honey

Moroccan Almond + Cinnamon buttercream

A taste of North African almonds blended with spicy, East African cinnamon

Pumpkin spice + cream cheese frosting

Halloween-inspired, rich spiced pumpkin cake topped with a luxurious cream cheese frosting *eggless

Red velvet + cream cheese frosting

Decadent red velvet (without food colouring!) topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting

Spiced cardamom + tree tomato buttercream

Light, airy cardamom cake with a tart naturally pink buttercream

Vanilla chai + chai buttercream

Spicy chai cake and buttercream with lots of masala love