Today's Flavors

Almond + cinnamon buttercream

A taste of North African almonds blended with spicy, East African cinnamon.

Banana choc chip + peanut buttercream

Banana cake with oozey chocolate chips and a creamy peanut buttercream

Carrot + vanilla buttercream

Soft, spiced carrot cake with our tangy cream cheese frosting

Chocolate + mocha buttercream

Belgian chocolate cake and mocha buttercream with hints of Kenyan highland coffee

Lavender + acacia honey buttercream

Light lavender cake with rich Kenyan acacia honey

Lemon + vanilla buttercream

Bright lemon cake topped with creamy vanilla frosting

Passionfruit + vanilla buttercream

Light, fluffy vanilla cake topped with a fresh passionfruit frosting

Red velvet + vanilla buttercream

Decadent red velvet (without food colouring!) topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting

Vanilla + chai buttercream

Light vanilla cake topped with a spicy tea masala buttercream